What is Google Data Studio & Looker Studio?

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Google Looker Studio vs Google Data Studio

(Data Studio formally known as Looker Studio.)

What is Google Data Studio/Looker Studio?

Google data studio is a free google tool for create advance web user data in visualization format, that help to create customized dashboard & easy to understand reports. In this tool we create manual reporting dashboard and comparing performance over time on single dashboard.

Benefits: –

• It’s a Free tool – Open to use for everyone.

• Prepare easily intuitive smart reports and find impactful business metrics data.

• Generate customized meaningful sharable, designs, chart & graphs in few steps.

• Google looker studio connect to more then 800+ data sources.

• Prepare customized users’ data report time reduce.

• Report Format: you can download report in following documents: Email, Google Sheet, Excel, PDF.

• Monitors campaigns effectively.

• More Filters tools – campaign, location, date range, etc.

Benefits of Google Data Studio/Looker Studio?

Your data is very important: –

Looker Studio is the key to your data, unlock your power of data by making it, you can be easy to build-up manual dashboard & compelling reports from 600 data sources.

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