What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is only one way to increase online users, awareness of product/services, achieved your business & sales goals. Digital marketing divided in different-different part, we will be discussed about whom.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Everyday 4.9 billion internet users active on internet as of 2021, you believe me in next few years the number of people who go online every day is still increasing, and that help to understand & build more trust in audience.

Internet marketing have always chance to connect with right audience at right time with diff-diff platforms, so you need to analyze internet user where they are spending time on internet, which platform they have used & what is the peak time of online users.


There are 10 major benefits of online marketing: –


1. Interact more audience


2. Easily achieve your goals 


3. Generate more sales 


4. Increase brand awareness 


5. Connect with right audience


6. Increase our website traffic 


7. Easily track your audience behaviour


8. All time engage with your audience 24*7


9. You can easily circulate your services to other


10. cost-effective than outbound marketing methods


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing also known as Internet marketing, whatever you’re looking on online at search engines, social media websites, videos websites, audios websites, email, WhatsApp & whole content that you have interact online on screen that is called digital marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing Platform


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)


3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


4. Content Marketing


5. Video Marketing


6. Email Marketing


7. Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Here are some important tactics, so we discussed one by one on all points.


1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO is the process of optimize our website for higher ranking in search engine. Thereby website has increased more users by organically through search engine. 


SEO divide in 3 parts, there chance to generate more organically results: –


Social Media Marketing (SMM): – SEO is the process of optimize our website for higher ranking in search engine. Thereby website has increased more users by organically through search engine. 


SEO divide in 3 parts, there chance to generate more organically results: –


On-Page SEO: – Basically On-page SEO is the best tactic that help to improve website ranking and make website or webpages as search engine friendly. These factors include keywords analysis, content analysis, website design analysis and more factors are including in this section. We do website optimize according to SE and rank higher in search engine.


Off-Page SEO: – This type of SEO focuses on website backlink networks activity that is called SEO Off-Page. In this exercise we create our website backlink on other authority websites this process is helping to increase our website keywords ranking in SERP and domain authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) as well along with backlinks. So, this is good way to promote right keywords of our business or products.


Technical SEO: – We focused on this our website backend and what is website pages coded. We can track website image compression, CSS, HTML, and structure date that all ways of technical SEO, that impact website loading speed and help to increase website speed on desktop & mobile as well. That help all changes help to increase ranking in search engine.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is the best tactics to publish content to social media channels & generate more leads, more traffic & increase brand awareness of your business.
The channels you can used for social media marketing including-
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linkedin 
• Instagram
• Pintrest 
• Tumbler 
• YouTube
You can make strategy to make your content to viral, it’s helping to create viral campaign with popular content. The main object of this marketing to engage with more audience.

Search Engine Marketing

When user searches any product or business-related query on search engine, then SEM help to show your sponsored ads on in front of customers on separate-separate keywords. Basically, Google charge for Search engine marketing as Per Click. Search engine marketing are best way to generate traffic and more quality leads placing paid ads on search engine. The two powerful search platform that popular for SEM Services are Google Ads & Bing Ads.

Content Marketing

This platform creation and promoting content assets to generate more users, brand-awareness, traffic, more leads, and customers online.

There are some content promoting strategy to play with:

Blog Post: Publish content on self-website’s blog or third-party sites. That generate organic search traffic for your business and these website visitors chance to convert into leads.
eBooks and whitepapers: its help to educated website visitors, eBook & white paper allow you to visitor identity & contact details.
Infographics: infographics help to show visualization concept of any process on a single infographic.

Does Digital Marketing Work for All Businesses?

Understand, Internet have all type users B2B & B2C (informative, buyer, researcher & listener). digital marketing help to every business & industry, it’s depended on business nature what type services provide to internet users.
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